Friends of the Westbank Library



The Friends of the Westbank Library thank all the scholarship applicants for their outstanding service at and commitment to the Westbank Library District and wish each of you the best as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

See our Scholarship tab for information on the 2021 Scholarship Awards.

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Thank you to all who made a donation to the Friends of the Westbank Library during the 2020 Veteran's Courtyard Drive for a commemorative paver to honor loved ones who gave military service for our country.

As of early January 2021, we are in the process of having the pavers ordered and fabricated. We anticipate installation will occur in February or March of this year and will notify each of you when the installation is completed.

A dedication ceremony will be scheduled for a later date and you will be notified when that date has been set.


In 1985 a group of dedicated library supporters formed the Friends of the Westbank Library as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

For years this group has actively raised thousands of dollars to purchase such things as the Mark Twain Statue, the Backyard Dragon, the Giving Tree, and the Bubble Machines, as well as to provide scholarships to exceptional teen library volunteers. While the goals of the Friends have remained consistent since its inception, the 2013 board adopted the goal of expanding the participation of the Westbank community within the Friends organization.


The Friends Organization is always looking for volunteers! Volunteering can include things like:

  • Baking for our bake sales.

  • Helping with the Artisans' Market.

  • Organizing volunteer dinners and appreciation dinners for our library staff and their volunteers.

  • Serving on the Scholarship Committee.

  • Serving on the Friends Board.

Contact us with any questions or to start volunteering at