Each spring the Friends of the Westbank Library award scholarships to area high school senior library volunteers in recognition of their valuable contributions to the Westbank Library District.    In May 2017 the Friends will award scholarships  to three outstanding seniors, one in the amount    of $1,000, and two in the amount of $750 each. Students may apply these funds to any college related expenses. 


To be eligible, a high school graduating senior must have volunteered at the Westbank Library   for at least 50 hours and submit a completed application. 

HOW TO APPLY?                    

Applications will be available March 1, 2017 both online and at the circulation desk at Westbank or Laura's Library. Completed applications should be returned to either location. The deadline to submit applications will be 4pm April 1, 2017.


Applications should be completed in their entirety and returned on time with a personal reference. Applicants will be judged on volunteerism, character, sincerity of purpose, initiative, leadership and need. This scholarship is issued one time only and is not renewable. The Friends of the Westbank Library Scholarship Committee shall review all essays and shall have full authority to grant the scholarship.

For more information, click here to email the Scholarship Chair. A link to the Scholarship Application will be available on March 1, 2017.  Applications will also be available at the library circulation desk.



Siobhan Carmody - $1,000

Saarila Kenkare $750

Rachel David - $750


2015 - Jason Rosenberg - $1,000                                              - Dwight Fan - $750                                                            - Shora Um - $750

2014 - Rachel Stephenson - $1,000                                           - Abigail Hamilton - $750                                                 - Sriram Nair - $750                                             2013 - Mitzi Casandra Ramos - $1,000                                    - Benjamin Hsu - $500                                                      - Nimish Kumar - $500                                  2012 – Emily Huang - $1,000                              2011 – Joell Chen - $1,000                                   2010 – Elizabeth Grenadier - $1,000